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Logo that says Rare Bird Lab

B2B Early-Stage
Software Marketer

US-based freelancer-for-hire, creates marketing programs tailored for early-stage software startups. Together, we'll take your product to new heights.

This is a headshot image of Summer Lambert, the marketing consultant at Rare Bird Lab. She is a white Caucasian woman with strawberry blonde curly hair to her shoulders.


Early-stage and stealth software startups often face the challenge of breaking through the noise and truly connecting with their target audience. That's where I come in. Leveraging specialized knowledge of the software startup ecosystem, I craft tailored marketing strategies that not only define your brand but also ignite audience engagement and drive scalable growth.

Automation Handle


I implement automation tools and techniques to streamline your marketing efforts, freeing you to focus on product development and customer relations.
Analytics Found on Screen


I employ data-driven analytics to gain actionable insights into your audience behavior, optimizing your marketing strategies for maximum impact.
Chart Showing Increase In Performance


I design scalable marketing campaigns that grow with your startup, ensuring consistent brand messaging and audience engagement as you expand.
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